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An umbrella term to describe those with age incongruence, age-variants, age-sliders and age-constants in systems, age regressors & dreamers, and in general those with ages that do not match their body/vessel's age.


This is the age of the physical body you inhabit. Echo- to refer to copy, and -Fleric to refer to the Flesh. What is your Body's age?

Echofleric: To mean the body/vessel's age.

Echofleric Tween: EchotweenEchofleric Teen: EchoteenEchofleric Adult: Echadult / EchadulEchofleric Young Adult: EchoyeuonEchofleric Mid-Adult: EchamidEchofleric Null: EchonullNOTE: Echonull is simply an undisclosed age. However, a vague age descriptor can be added as a modifier. For example: 'Echofleric Null-Adult' or 'Echonull Adult'.

This is the age you percieve yourself as and/or the age of which you have the perception/lense of. Vizu- to mean Visualize, and -Eon to mean Time. What age do you percieve yourself to have, and/or what age do you percieve the world in?

Vizuleon: To mean the percieved age.

Vizuleon Mid-Adult: MiluonVizuleon Young Adult: YeuonVizuleon Adult: AdeuonVizuleon Teen: TeuonVizuleon Tween: TweuonVizuleon Child: ChizueonVizuleon Toddler: Tauleon

This is the body age you wish to have and/or that you do have in headspace. This can differ from the above catagory, which is why this is seperate.

Aldereonic: An aldernic term to describe one who desires and/or has in-headspace a body who's age is differerent from one's physical vessel/body. What age is your body in-headspace OR what age do you desire your body to be?

Modifier Terms
Modifiers describe your age a little more in-depth.

Vizuleon Flux: Vizuflux.
A vizuleon term for those who's percieved ages fluctuate.Vizuleon Kidult/Childult: Chiduox. A Vizuleon term for those whoVizudox: A Vizuleon modifier for ages that are contradictory/paradoxical in nature.Xeulic: dFeilic: eCanaelic: eAlteilic: eNuhumic: d
Suffixes & Prefixes:

Who can use your terms?
Anyone can use my terms — I cant really stop you from using my terms even if I am uncomfortable with you.I ask of you, however, to NOT conflate 'Ageweird' with other projects such as 'Altage'/'Transage'; I'd prefer the two not be grouped together, as they are intended to be seperate things.